Very slim, athletic build (S13/Con10). Every movement is flowing and deliberate (Dex 18).

Carries himself with an untrusting arrogance, especially amongst the shorter lived races. Puts a distance between him and others that is usually taken for dislike, but more for personal protection, physical and emotional. A nasty scar from forehead down his cheek (stay tuned for the history of that), and lower leg from a bear trap, contributing to a grim appearance (Chr 9).

Constantly distracted, usually toward nature, tough to get and sustain his attention with the mundane (Wis 9).

However, very attentive when discussion, environment is of arcane or informative nature (Int 19) and does not hesitate to contribute, but usually after all has been considered due to extreme elven patience.


This will become the document for the background of Ryan’s character, Eliondruhel <secret name=”true”> Elion Seltyiel.

Elion was born a bit of a prodigy. It was soon apparent that he was talented in the arcane as well as the bow and swordplay. As such, when the elders saw fit to assemble an exploratory party to be sent to Brevoy, Elion was placed in it as a junior member.

There were a number of things that interested the elves in Brevoy, including arcane ruins and the disappearance of Fayne Drop’thar (Bane’s mum). Seeing that it took a while for news of her disappearance to travel and longer, as is the norm, for the elves to make a decision, Bane Hawthorne (Geoff’s PC) would have already been born and even gained a few years.

With some exploration and encounters with beasts and bandits, the elven troop had limited success with discovering ancient Elvish ruins and secrets in the Stolen Lands. They were on their way to discovering the fate of Fayne Drop’thar when they were overcome with a large number of bandits, made bold with the recent political upheavals. Their overwhelming numbers washed over the elves and the order was given for Elion’s troop to split up and individually seek sanctuary in the wilderness so as to avoid the disgrace of falling to a bandit’s blade, in a fight their small troop was ill prepared for.

Elion was luckily able to find his path in continuance to the Hawthornes.


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